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When you decide to make a personal injury claim, the first step is to bring together all the evidence you have to present your case in court. This is will normally involve seeing a medical expert who will be able to provide key evidence through a comprehensive medical report on your condition and its prognosis.

This applies to every type of claim from medical negligence cases through to personal injury at work claims. The job of this expert is to carry out an impartial assessment of your injury and what kind of support is needed.

What Happens When You See a Medical Expert?

Much will depend on the type of injury you have suffered. Whiplash damage after a road traffic accident may well be assessed by your local GP. If you have been the victim of medical negligence, however, your solicitor will probably want an expert who is in a similar healthcare area.

For example, if you been treated by a surgeon who specialises in joint replacement, it makes sense to employ the services of someone who knows what they are talking about in this area.

The expert will produce a medical report which will cover a number of different areas that should support your personal injury claim. The first is making sure that the injuries you have suffered match the details that you have already explained to your solicitor.

The report will also look at the extent of your injuries and how these are likely to affect you going forward. The medical expert may want to see your records if they are concerned that there might be other effects from your injury that haven’t been considered. The report might also make suggestions on the best way to rehabilitate you following the injury and subsequent treatment.

Making Your Personal Injury Claim

The biggest challenge for any personal injury claim comes when the person or organisation responsible decide to fight the contention that it was their fault or attempt to reduce their liability. A report from a medical expert is integral to ensuring that the extent of your injury and the ramifications to your life and financial security thereafter are on record.

How severe your injury is will have a direct impact on the final settlement of your claim. For more complex cases there may be a whole host of different support you will need. You might not be able to continue the job you were doing because of your injury, for example. You may require access to assistive devices and periods of physiotherapy to reach a full or partial recovery.

The choice of medical expert can be absolutely vital in large claims where there has been significant injury. Solicitors for the defendant in the case may decide it is worthwhile to have their own medical expert appointed to challenge the original report.

Accinet work with a range of medical experts who are experienced in personal injury claims just like yours. We can help you make a claim to get the compensation for your accident or injury.