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Public injuries can take many forms, from slips and falls to the physical harm caused by falling objects. Some of the injuries we see in this category have been life-changing for the individuals involved. It’s important if you have had an accident in a public area and your injuries have stopped you from living life to the full that you contact a solicitor and discuss what your next step should be.

Injury in a public space

Public places cover a wide variety of locations. They include the high streets we walk down, parks run by the local council, shopping malls and the like. For a place to be considered public, the location simply needs to be open and accessible to the general public, whether indoors or outdoors.

Who is at fault?

The range of accidents that we see related to public places is quite diverse. Some of the most common are trips, slips and falls. These happen for different reasons – there may be a cold snap and the pavements are icy and haven’t be gritted by a responsible party such as the council.

Supermarket and shopping accidents are also pretty common. With so many people moving around, things can get spilt and the floor becomes slippery. If not cleared up in time or marked appropriately, someone can have a fall and injure themselves.

Injuries can also be caused by falling objects, faulty equipment and careless or negligent practices by business owners and local councils.

When to contact a solicitor

It can be quite daunting to reach out and contact a personal injury solicitor even when you have had an accident. Your priority, of course, should be your health and making sure that you are seen by a doctor. If you can, however, it is a good idea to take images of the accident site and get some contact details.

A personal injury solicitor, like the expert team at Accinet, will generally offer a free initial consultation when it comes to making a claim. They will be able to assess what sort of case you have and advise on what you should do next.

A no win no fee arrangement is most often employed in these circumstances. This means that the legal team working for you will not charge you the fees upfront. Instead, these will be taken from any final settlement and only if your claim is successful. This means you can don’t have to worry about finding the money to pay for any legal action.

Newcastle Personal Injury Solicitors

Compensation may be awarded for a variety of reasons. You might, for instance, have lost income because you were unable to work following the accident. Your injuries could be so severe that you will need to make adjustments to your home because of a disability. There may be additional fees for private medical treatment and rehabilitation. You can also get compensation for the psychological damage caused by your accident and injury.

The job of the personal injury solicitor is to make the best case they can and hopefully get an award that compensates you fully for the injuries you have suffered. If you have been the victim of an accident in a public place that was not your fault, contact our team of friendly and professional solicitors today.