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We don’t often think of pavements as dangerous places. Unfortunately, they are responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, trips and falls around the UK each year. These include uneven pavements stones and potholes which can cause serious injury.

What is a Pavement Accident?

The local council have a duty to make sure that the paths roadways that we walk on are fit for purpose. That includes repairing any damage and ensuring safety for the general public. There are several criteria when it comes to pavement defects, and they are important to note.

  • The first is that the defect should be at least 1 inch. For example, if you trip over a paving stone, it should be raised at least 1 inch above the normal level.
  • You also need to make any claim within 3 years of the accident – if a child is involved, the 3 year period begins when the child turns 18, a parent or the child’s guardian can claim on their behalf.
  • You need to have suffered a significant injury. If it’s something that cleared up in a few days or a week, a personal injury lawyer is likely not to take on the case because the level of compensation would be so low.
  • You also need to have needed and sought medical attention following the injury.

The more evidence you can provide for your claim, the better. This can be difficult if you have sustained serious injuries such as a head wound. It’s important to make sure you get the medical attention you need before anything else.

If you can get photos of the area, however, it will make your claim much easier. Getting the names and contact details of any witnesses is also a good thing to bear in mind.

How Can I Claim for a Pavement Accident?

The first thing to be aware of is that making a claim is not as difficult as many people think. It’s important to make your claim as early as possible after your accident so that things are fresh in your mind.

Most personal injury solicitors will have experience of trips and falls on pavements. You’ll usually get a free initial consultation where you can tell the solicitor what happened, and they can decide whether there’s likely to be a successful claim or not.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Personal injury lawyers have a vested interest in pursuing cases that they feel they have a good chance of winning. That’s because they operate a no win no fee or conditional service. This means they don’t charge upfront fees but handle your case and, only if it is successful and compensation is awarded, will they take the fees out of the money you are given.

The amount of an award will depend on the extent of your injuries and how that has affected your daily living. If it’s a severe fall, you may have been so badly injured that you are unable to work. In this case, compensation would reflect your loss of earnings.

If you have been injured by a fall or trip on a pavement and you want to know if you can claim compensation, contact our expert team today.