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We tend to think that our workplaces are relatively safe places to be but that’s not always the case. Work-related illnesses such as repetitive strain injury and stress-related problems are more common than we think, and accidents can happen almost anywhere.

If your workplace has helped cause your injury or illness, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Here we take a look at why it might be the right moment to get advice from a personal injury solicitor and the team at Accinet are here to help.

Types of Work-Related Accidents and Injuries

A lot, of course, will depend on where you work. A construction worker on a building site, for instance, is probably going to be more at risk than someone who spends their time in an office.

For example, one of the biggest ‘hidden’ threats that builders, electricians and plumbers face is from asbestos which can cause fatal lung diseases such as mesothelioma. Even though asbestos has been banned from new builds for the last 20 years, we still have hundreds of thousands of properties in the UK that still have it.

Dangerous constructions sites are not the only places where work-related accidents and injuries can happen. If you work in a factory or on an assembly line, you might be at risk of injuries such as tennis elbow and repetitive strain injury because of the type of task you do every day. RSI is also seen in people who use keyboards a lot in offices.

Noise can also be a big factor in some jobs. If you are in manufacturing, you may be exposed to heavy machinery that can impact on your hearing over time, especially if you are not wearing any protection.

Then there are accidents that happen because of carelessness or neglect. You might walk into an office on a wet day and slip on the floor and injury yourself. Working in warehouse, something could fall on you if it is not secured away properly.

Perhaps your workplace is a very stressful environment, and this has affected your mental health. Illnesses like these can often take a long time to manifest as symptoms are ignored until something catastrophic happens to the individual.

Can I Claim for a Work-Related Illness, Injury or Accident?

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees and ensure they have a safe environment in which to work. In areas like construction or manufacturing, there are some fairly strict rules and regulations governing how to maintain adequate health and safety. Even in a simple office or retail environment, there is an obligation for your employer to keep you safe.

If you have been in an accident and had an injury or developed an illness and you believe your workplace was instrumental in this, you may have a case to make a personal injury claim. It’s vital that you discuss your situation with a qualified solicitor who will be able to talk you through what your rights are and what you should do next.

Accinet are experienced Personal Injury Solicitors in Newcastle who will take your claim seriously and help you get the compensation you deserve.