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It can be a pretty daunting process going to a solicitor for the first time, even if you have the right to make a claim, but the team at Accinet will make you feel welcome and listened to. Personal injury compensation can be awarded if you were the victim of an accident and it wasn’t your fault and it was due to someone else’s negligence. This could be either an individual or individuals or an organisation like a council or a business.

Time Limits on Compensation Claims

What many people don’t realise is that there is a time limit to when you can make a claim for compensation and for when court proceedings are issued. If you have made the mistake of issuing a claim when you are out of time, the defendant may well not have to pay anything even though it can be demonstrated they are culpable.

Accident Claims and Personal Injury

Accidents can take a variety of different forms. You might be in a car accident as either a passenger, pedestrian or driver, caused by another vehicle. You could have an accident at work because your employer hasn’t ensured that the area you are operating in is safe. Perhaps you slipped and fell in icy conditions because property owned by a business wasn’t safeguarded properly.

The standard time limit for putting in an accident claim is 3 years from the actual date of the incident.

  • There can be exceptions to this including if there is a fatality or if children are involved.
  • There may also be different time limits depending on whether the claim arises out of a treaty, for example, for air travel (2 years).
  • If you have suffered from a personal injury because of a criminal act, where payments are delivered through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, the time limit is two years.
  • You may be able to claim for injury caused abroad but time limits can also vary here depending on the location.

But for the vast majority of personal injury claims, you’ll find that the time limit is 3 years.

Compensation Claims for Disease

If you have been unlucky enough to be infected with a disease which is then discovered to be the fault of a third party, you can also claim compensation. The normal 3-year limit applies here but it’s not from the moment when you contract the disease but the time that you noticed it or started suffering from symptoms. That’s because the time between contracting a disease and being exposed to the actual cause can vary considerably.

One example is if you contract a disease such as asbestosis. This can be caused by work practices that you were involved in many years ago and it might not be until later in your life that the symptoms begin to manifest. Of course, with such a long time between the cause and effect, disputes can often arise over who is responsible.

Don’t wait to make a claim

In any situation it is important that, once you understand you may have a claim for personal injury, you get legal advice as soon as you possibly can. The experienced personal injury solicitors at Accinet will be able to sit down with you, in person or over the phone, and work through the details of your claim, and then give you their best legal advice on how to proceed to get you the compensation you deserve.