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While motorcyclists only make up a small percentage of road users in the UK, they are actually at a much greater risk of serious injury than other people. This is because they are not protected by the infrastructure of a car or van which makes them vulnerable.

More and more motorcyclists nowadays are opting to wear a helmet camera when riding their bikes. While the number of accidents on our roads has actually decreased over the last couple of decades, motorcyclists are still at risk and a camera can be a useful tool if there is a crash. For some reason, car, van and truck drivers tend to show a lack of due care when it comes to people on two wheels.

Benefits of a Helmet Camera

There are a number of benefits to be had from investing in a helmet camera. The first and most obvious one is that it gives you a record of what happened if there is an accident. When the other driver is at fault, it gives you the visual evidence you need to go to a personal injury solicitor, like the team at Accinet, to make a claim for compensation.

One thing to note is that a camera which is attached to the helmet is usually better than having one on your handlebars. This will be able to capture things like the reading on your speedometer which will confirm how fast or how slow you were going. You also get a fuller range of movement with the head that is likely to reveal important evidence.

Another benefit which you may not have considered is the deterrent factor of this simple device. If a driver notices you have a camera on your helmet, they are less likely to act recklessly. Having a camera can also make you more likely to drive safely yourself – the last thing you want is proof that you were speeding or overtaking at a dangerous road location.

Watching footage of your motorbike riding gives you the chance to take an impartial look at your habits and make changes to your behaviour because you have real-time feedback you can call on. As a value-added extra, you can use your cam footage to share with other bike lovers online.

The good news is that helmet cameras are not expensive piece of kit and provide clear HD images that create a useful record of any journey on the road. If you do end up in an accident, it will certainly prove vital in determining who, if anyone, was at fault.

Our advice is to make sure you invest in a quality camera that is easy to attach to your helmet.

Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. The solicitor will certainly be able to use your camera footage and present it as evidence if there is a case to make a claim.

Claiming compensation will help you get the financial support you need to ensure a better recovery. If your injuries are serious enough that you need to make adjustments to your daily living (for example, if you are disabled), then the settlement will help towards this.