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  1. No Win No Fee

We are personal injury solicitors that offer a No Win No Fee service. We have been helping people win compensation following serious injuries since 1995. You can start your claim now by completing our online form or giving us a call.

We are professional personal injury solicitors, we are not a claims management firm, this means that your case right from the start, will be dealt with by our senior solicitors who will give you the best advice throughout your case. As a No Win No Fee solicitor we only get paid if we win your case, other lawyers may ask you to pay upfront for items like medical reports or expert witness reports, we do not do this. When we say no win no fee, that is what we mean we will fund every reasonable aspect of your case up to the point that you are awarded compensation and it is only then that we take our fees. The fees themselves are also strictly limited by law.

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Information about No Win No Fee claims

No Win No Fee arrangements can also be called Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFAs). These fee arrangements ensure that there are no upfront fees for you to pay to make a claim, there will be no unexpected costs and you can ask us to fight your case without the worry that you will be left out of pocket. In the unlikely event that your personal injury claim is not successful then you would not have to pay for the work that had been done on your behalf. Our team of solicitors work hard to ensure you are awarded the appropriate amount of compensation and only after this happens is a fee applied.

No Win No Fee was introduced in the UK in 1995. They were introduced to help people who had suffered through no fault of their own to get a fair hearing of their personal injury case even if they could not afford to pay the legal fees themselves.

There were changes made to the England and Wales No Win No Fee system in April 2013, before this date the unsuccessful side normally paid all of the legal costs associated with a claim, after this date claimants may be expected to contribute to the legal costs from any compensation they receive.

We are not a claims management firm we are a team of highly specialised personal injury solicitors that will fight your case to get you the best outcome for your personal circumstances. We offer a No Win No Fee service so if you are not awarded any compensation you do not pay any fees. It really is a straightforward as that. Contact us today and tell us about your individual circumstances to see if we can help you get compensation. Start your claim by clicking here or call us on 0800 195 1001 or our local number 0191 214 0355.


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