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The experienced team of personal injury solicitors at Accinet work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Having worked and won so many of these cases they know much an accident or injury can impact your life and why compensation is so important.

No Win No Fee Arrangement

No Win No Fee arrangements have been in place for many years, this gives our customers the confidence that they can make a claim for compensation without the risk of being saddled with costly legal bills if the case is not won. Then, only when the personal injury case is won, and compensation is awarded do the skilled solicitors at Accinet take their fee.

Keep More of Your Compensation

In addition to the standard No Win No Fee arrangement offered by many personal injury solicitors the solicitors at Accinet also cap their success fee at 10% plus VAT. Ensuring that Accinet clients not only get the best legal representation for their personal injury case, but also that they receive more of their compensation to help them recover from and live with the injuries they have sustained is what motivates Accinet’s solicitors to win cases again and again.

Accinet Don’t Use Call Centres

We don’t use call centres. Many of the No Win No Fee Solicitors you see advertised have phone numbers that direct you to a call centre where you speak to a call handler working from a script to pre-screen you before you are passed to a solicitor. This means that if you have a complex case or can’t explain yourself adequately to a call handler you are told you do not have a case. We believe that you need to talk directly to an experienced solicitor about your case so they can talk you through all legal options available to you – so this is what we do.

We Take Complex Cases

Because we don’t use call centres, when you call you speak directly to a solicitor who has the experience to understand quickly if you have a case. This means that the Accinet solicitors take on more complex cases than those that pre screen clients with call centre scripts. If you have been told that you do not have a case, but believe that you do then a solicitor at Accinet will be able to listen to you fully before making a recommendation about whether you have a case or not.

Personal and Professional

We believe in building personal relationships with our clients. The more we know about you and your personal circumstances, the more we can understand how your accident or injury has affected you and your family and so represent you better. We are happy to talk to you over the phone or even, if appropriate, to visit you in your home.

Experienced Team of Solicitors

Accinet is the online presence for Thomas & Meighen Solicitors, and we are a dedicated team of solicitors who have been fighting and winning personal injury claims just like yours since 1995! We have fought and won hundreds of cases including very complex cases, this gives us the confidence to take cases that other solicitors may not.