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Uber has now been with us for almost a decade. It has become an alternative to the traditional taxi and is particularly convenient in areas like busy towns and cities. Uber refrains from using the term taxi service – it’s sold as a rideshare scheme where you contact someone nearby who can give you a lift to your destination.

Taxi firms are liable if the driver has an accident while a passenger is on board and they normally have insurance to cover such events. Uber drivers are seen as self-employed. They are private contractors and responsible for taking out their own insurance. If you have been injured in an accident in an Uber a specialist personal injury solicitor like the team at Accinet will discuss your case with you and give you their professional advice on whether they can help you make a claim or not.

Is Uber Responsible?

Even after a decade of the service, there is still a slightly grey area when it comes to responsibility. When you first download the app and use it to find a lift, you are asked to agree to the company’s terms and conditions. This includes accepting limited liability on the part of Uber. That means, if you do have an accident after taking an Uber lift, the company put the responsibility on the driver, not themselves.

Reaching the company and talking to someone if you have been in an accident involving an Uber driver can also be very frustrating. Like many online services, the company doesn’t provide a direct phone number, somewhere you can call to get information, advice or make a complaint.

Contacting a Road Traffic Accident Claim Solicitor

Whether the driver is held responsible for your injuries or Uber itself, they both have a duty of care to you as a customer. In most cases, overwhelming responsibility lies with the driver.

If they have been negligent, for example, talking on their phone when they had an accident or if they were driving without due care and attention, simply put, they are entirely responsible.

In most circumstances, the claim is made against the driver who should have insurance including third party claims.

I Have Been in an Uber Accident What Should I Do?

If you have been in a road traffic accident, your biggest concern will be getting treatment for your injuries. If you are able, you should try to collect as much evidence as possible at the time. Of course, this may not be possible if your injuries are very serious but if you can take photos and get the contact details of witnesses it can help your claim a lot.

When you are well enough, the next step is to talk through everything with a qualified and experienced road traffic accident claims solicitor. They should give their initial consultation free and be able to decide whether you have a case to claim or not.

Personal injuries solicitors also offer conditional agreements called no win no fee arrangements. This means they will take on your case without charging upfront fees. They only send you the bill once the claim has been successfully settled and you have been awarded compensation.

This means you can claim without any financial risk to yourself, something that often puts people off contacting a solicitor in the first place.