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Defective vehicles contribute to a large proportion of the accidents on our roads. A crash can be caused by something as simple, and as deadly, as a faulty brake or a seat belt that doesn’t work properly. It can also include major structural faults you are not aware of that act as a ticking time bomb which could cause a major accident at any time.

Personal Injury Solicitors

If you were a passenger or a driver in a defective car, you may be able to claim personal injury compensation if it can be proved that the accident was caused by the specific fault or was at least made worse because of it.

For example, if your seatbelt isn’t working properly, it hasn’t directly caused the accident, but it may have contributed to the extent of your injuries.

Who Is to Blame?

Drivers are legally bound to make sure that their car is roadworthy. When it comes to who is responsible beyond this if a vehicle is defective can be difficult to prove. If you’ve bought a new car and there is a defect that leads to an accident, then the manufacturer should be responsible under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

With second-hand cars, things are a little more complicated but sellers, whether a dealership or private owner, must ensure the car is roadworthy on the day that it is purchased.

Common faults we regularly see are seat belts and airbags that don’t work as well as damaged components such as leaky tanks and poor brakes. It’s worth saying that if you are buying a second-hand car, it pays to make sure it is thoroughly checked out by an independent mechanic before you part with your money.

How Can I Claim Compensation?

If you are thinking of claiming for personal injury and it’s because of a defective vehicle, it’s very important to choose a legal team that has experience in this area. Most solicitors will offer an initial free consultation which means you can sit down and discuss your case in detail to see if it’s worth moving forward with a claim.

If there is a case, personal injury claims are often provided on a no win no fee basis. This means the solicitor will take on your case without charging upfront fees. If the claim is successful and you are awarded compensation, your fees are then taken out of that award, usually as a percentage.

This means that, even if you don’t have the money, you can still claim if you feel that your injury was due to a defective vehicle.

The compensation is determined depending on the extent of your injuries and the impact that has had on your daily living.

For example, you may need specific treatment or rehabilitation that has to be paid for. You might have a disability and need to install living support in your home. You might not be able to work in the same job anymore or earn the salary you were used to. The money paid out in an award can help you cover the cost of all these.

If you have been in a car accident and it was due to a defective vehicle, contact our team today.