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How to Claim

We are personal injury lawyers that work for you on a No Win No Fee basis and we can support you when you want to make a claim for compensation.

When you suffer physical or psychological harm due to an accident or act of negligence that wasn’t your fault, you are within your rights to hire a professional company who deals with personal injury claims to help you receive financial compensation. We will fight for you to receive that compensation, often personal injuries can be complex and take time but we believe in working hard for you to get the best outcome possible for you.

Making a claim for compensation can be daunting, this is where we can help, we offer a No Win No Fee service so if we take your case, even if it is not successful you do not have any fees to pay and we only ask for a fee when we win your personal injury case. It’s important we find out whether you have a valid claim for compensation before we begin. If from what you tell us we think there is a genuine case for compensation then we’ll take things forward on a No Win No Fee basis. Equally if we don’t think there is a reasonable chance of winning compensation we will let you know.

If you are unsure about whether your accident or injury is eligible for compensation then simply give us a call, text or complete our claims form online, we will talk to you and let you know if we can take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

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The Stages of your Personal Injury Claims Process

Making a claim for compensation is a process, and we follow a personal injury protocol to pursue personal injury claims. As part of our personal service we will explain detail what this means for you and your case either on the telephone or as part of a home visit, but in the main the process for making a claim is outlined below:

  • We will ask you to talk to us about your injury and ask what documents you have that are associated with the injury. These documents could include invoices, photographs and any correspondence you have had with the defendant. It is very important that if you are thinking of making a personal injury claim you keep these documents as this forms part of your evidence.
  • Once we have taken your case we will identify the defendant and the insurer and prepare the basis of your claim outlining injuries and any losses. We then contact the defendant or insurer on your behalf who have set time frames in which to respond depending on the type of compensation claim.
  • If the defendant responds with a decision that they accept the liability in your case then often the case can be settled quickly. We will then provide evidence required to prove your losses and settle on a compensation amount. This is why it is very important that you keep all your documentation relating to your accident or injury.
  • If the defendant responds with a decision that they do not accept liability then we will discuss their response with you and then respond to their denial in order to persuade the insurers to accept responsibility. There is often negotiation needed and we will fight to win your case no matter how complex, we will advise you throughout the process and advise you on whether we think a settlement offer is acceptable or not. When an offer is accepted then you case is completed and you will receive your compensation.
  • If we feel that the settlement offer is unacceptable then we will advise whether you would like to initiate court proceedings, in the unlikely event that this happens we can take the matter to trial for you.
  • It’s in your interest that you receive the maximum compensation as soon as possible. Often we can get that without going to court, by negotiating a settlement. This can dramatically reduce the length of the case so you can get on with your life. Where a lengthy case cannot be avoided we’ll seek to secure you interim payments that may help ease things for you.

It is good to know that most personal injury claims are resolved in a straightforward manner with the claimant receiving the appropriate financial compensation. We are personal injury specialists and have extensive experience in ensuring you get the best advice for your personal injury compensation claim. Start your claim by clicking here or call us on 0800 195 1001 or our local number 0191 214 0355.



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