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Often night shifts can be demanding and anyone who has worked night shifts would agree it can be difficult not just physically but also mentally. There is much research to suggest that workers who are on night shifts can be three times more likely to be injured in an accident in the workplace than those who work daytime shifts. The same research also suggests that night shift workers can be twice as likely to have a road traffic accident, either to or from work.

Night Shift Work & Accidents

While night work is often a necessity in many industries across the UK, this research along with suggested best practice working conditions means that employers must be aware of these increased risks and put policies and procedures in place to mitigate these risks and avoid the risk of their employees being injured in the workplace.

The Health and Safety Executive has looked at this extensively and recognises that night shift workers often work at a lower level of performance than their daytime counterparts due to the bodies own internal clock. The body’s natural rhythm is expecting sleep during night-time hours and this is disrupted for those working night shifts. This is even true when night shifts are the permanent and normal pattern of work for a person.

Performance issues that can affect night shift workers include, but are not limited to;

  • Slower than expected reaction times
  • Reduced decision-making actions
  • Poor memory skills

Any of the effects listed above, and especially when they are in combination can, in certain circumstances, lead to an accident happening on the night shift. Certain conditions have also been linked to night shift work. These can include gastrointestinal and psychological conditions, heart problems and being increasingly susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu.

If an accident happens in the workplace, and especially on the night shift this is not always the fault of the individual. All employers have a legal obligation to protect the health and safety of their employees, this includes a duty to reduce any and all risks created by night shift work. If they have not done this and you have had an accident at work, then you may be eligible to claim for compensation.

Compensation for Night Shift Accident

Getting compensation for an accident when you have been working on night shift can be complex, this is why you need a specialist team of solicitors to help you prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Accinet are specialist in dealing with personal injury cases of all kinds including complex cases and will fight for you to be compensated for the injuries you have sustained.

You must be able to prove that your employer was responsible in some way for your injury. This could be an accident at work while you were working on night shift or as a result of exhaustion caused by working at the night shift. To make a successful claim for compensation there are a range of elements that you have to demonstrate which is why working with a specialist personal injury solicitor is vital.

The expert team at Accinet will discuss what happened to you and then be able to give you the right advice on whether or not you can make a personal injury claim for your injury. Call us today on 0191 214 0355 to speak directly to a solicitor about your case.