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The number of people who are injured in British Supermarkets would surprise you, and many of them sustain injuries that cause them pain and is serious enough for hospital intervention and time off from work. If you have been injured in a supermarket and you want to claim compensation it can be a daunting task as these are normally large corporate businesses which make it difficult for you to get the compensation you really deserve.

Supermarket Accident Claims

When out shopping most people have a reasonable expectation that the environment will be safe without any unexpected hazards. When this does not happen, you can claim compensation from the supermarket for the harm they have caused.

This doesn’t absolve the individual from being vigilant for problems which are beyond the shop’s control, but on the most part, a shop such as a supermarket should be a safe place to be. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and many people sustain injuries while in supermarkets. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of injuries which can occur and whether you can claim for compensation.

Supermarket Claims – Spillages

If another customer drops something or bumps into a display, there’s a risk that spillage could occur, causing a wet floor which is hazardous. The spillage may be very obvious, allowing other customers to avoid having an accident but in some cases, it may be almost invisible, creating a real hazard.

The shop has a duty to manage any spillages, and to have a proper and efficient system in place for identifying and dealing with mishaps promptly. If they fail to do so, or if the action, they took was inadequate you could have a valid claim for compensation if you slipped or otherwise injured yourself as a result of the spillage.

The other factor which should be considered is the type of flooring. A supermarket has an obligation to have flooring which is suitable for any spillages which may occur. If the flooring was not of a suitable type for the kind of spillages which could reasonably be expected to occur, they may also be liable for any suffering caused

Supermarket Claims – Wet Flooring

Supermarkets may have reason to need to mop the floors during opening hours, possibly to deal with spillages or other unexpected incidents. When the floor is wet, the area must be marked out clearly with safety cones, both during mopping and while it is drying, to make sure customers can identify the surface which is wet. Failure to properly warn customers of a wet floor could lead to a successful claim for any injuries incurred as a result.

Supermarket Claims – Falling Objects

Supermarket customers have a reasonable expectation that goods will be properly, and safety stacked, and they won’t be struck by falling objects.  If there has been a failure by supermarket staff to properly stack items, and if supermarket stock falls as a result of bad stocking practice, the supermarket would normally be liable to pay a claim for any injuries sustained by the customer as a result.

Supermarket Claims – Trip Hazards & Bad Weather

If the flooring is hazardous in any way, such as missing tiles or uneven surfaces, or an obstacle such as a trailing wire or produce trolleys have been left across the shop floor, the supermarket may be liable for a claim if you trip and injure yourself.

There are many circumstances where the supermarket would be liable if you sustained an injury during a visit. Rather than try and ascertain for yourself whether your claim is valid, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced personal injury solicitor who will provide you with professional advice and help.

There may be occasions when the weather outside is icy, snowy, rainy, or otherwise unpleasant which results in wet feet walking across the store. This may inevitably lead to areas of wet flooring and a slip hazard developing. The shop should have flooring which is the best suited to be able to manage this kind of situation, and a cleaning procedure in place that identifies developing hazards and deals with them appropriately.

If you slip on the supermarket floor, you may have a valid claim if the shop had not adequately dealt with or placed warning cones regarding areas of wet flooring

Personal Injury Solicitor Newcastle

The best way to know if you can make a claim for compensation against a supermarket where you have sustained an injury is to talk to the experienced team at Accinet. They will work hard to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for the suffering you have sustained.