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If you have suffered an amputation because of a road accident, through medical negligence or following an accident at work, the last thing on your mind is probably going to be getting compensation.

If the accident wasn’t your fault and someone else was to blame, however, a claim for personal injury compensation can ensure that you are financially able to cope with this huge change in your life. It could assist in getting the appropriate support and physiotherapy as well as help you get through financial difficulties if you lose your job or have to accept one with lower pay because of your injury.

Personal Injury Solicitors Newcastle

With any personal injury, it’s important to get the right legal advice as soon as possible. Our solicitors are on hand to give you the advice and guidance you need at this critical moment in your life. We have a number of expert and highly qualified serious injury solicitors on hand who are here to help right now.

No Win No Fee

The first thing you may be worried about when making a claim is the immediate cost. Our solicitors work to a no win no fee basis for the vast majority of personal injury cases. This is also called a conditional fee agreement which means that you don’t have to find the upfront costs of taking the negligent party to court for compensation.

If we win your case, you will pay a certain percentage of the final settlement as your solicitor fees. This is normally agreed beforehand so you can have a good idea what it will be. If we don’t secure compensation for you, you pay nothing.

The benefit of this is that you can concentrate on getting better while our solicitors do all the work of trying to get compensation for your accident, so you have the support you need.

Additional Support from Our Solicitors

If you have had a limb amputated, you will be faced with a lengthy road to rehabilitation. That includes the mental health aspect of coming to terms with your injury.

Our legal team will help you access the best medical experts and ensure you get the support you need at this difficult time. We employ the Rehabilitation Code, for example, to ensure that insurers release funds for immediate rehabilitation and other requirements.

Making sure that your personal needs are taken care of when it comes to rehabilitation is important. The evidence shows that amputees who receive immediate support are much more likely to have a successful recovery in the long term.

An amputation is going to have a big effect on your life. If you lost a limb because of a traumatic injury, for example, you may suffer from PTSD which is difficult to overcome. We’ll be able to help with advice and support in a variety of ways, including on your return to work, ensuring that you aren’t discriminated against.

There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to a claim for a personal injury that was not your fault, particularly one involving amputation. Our solicitors will support you every inch of the way, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve and a future where you can live your life to the full.