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Claiming Compensation if you are a Victim of Crime

If you are an innocent victim of crime you may be entitled to financial compensation for criminal injuries. In the first instance providing you:

  • Reported the crime to the police and cooperated fully and
  • Were entirely innocent yourself then it may be possible to pursue the claim
  • Advise the police to press charges

If you have received criminal injuries you can benefit from a government initiative called the “Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority” (CICA). If you have a criminal record, please be advised that this will likely lead to a reduction in the compensation available as a result of a criminal injuries claim.

How does claiming as a Victim of Crime work?

For criminal injuries, the procedure is different to that of a personal injuries claim. The Criminal Injury Board is a public funded organisation based in Glasgow that judges the case on a strict set of rules. Firstly your injury has to be serious enough to warrant compensation. The board has numerous levels of compensation for criminal injuries paying out sums upwards from £1,000. Please note that the scheme may cover you as a British subject if you are a victim of crime while abroad.

Guidelines for CICA Criminal Claims

To qualify, there are a number of guidelines that the claim must meet. You must have:

  • Been in England, Scotland or Wales when the incident occurred (although the CICA may assist with your application where you have been a victim of crime abroad)
  • Been a relative or dependant if the claim relates to someone who died due to the injuries they sustained
  • Been injured in a way covered by the CICA scheme that has resulted in physical or psychological damage
  • Suffered an injury classed as serious enough to warrant a claim
  • Documented medical evidence of your injury
  • Reported the crime to the police
  • Submitted your claim within two years of the incident (however it is advisable to submit the application immediately)

Physical and Psychological Injury

Some crimes will have elements of both. An example of this is where there is both physical injury and long term mental anguish.

Accinet® doesn’t deal directly with Criminal Claims

Accinet® provides a no win no fee service and hence is unsuitable for these claims. The CICA scheme does not include any element for legal costs.

The application process to take advantage of the CICA scheme is reasonably straightforward to follow and we believe you should have no difficulty in pursuing the claim directly. Assistance can, in any event, be obtained from Citizens Advice or from the CICA website.

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