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Sometimes people have similar injuries but end up with different compensation amounts. When you discuss possible compensation amounts with an expert personal injury solicitor, like those at Accinet, this is a common question. The answer can be complex because similar injuries can result in very different outcomes, and this depends on a range of factors.

Compensation for Your Injury

Ensuring you have the right advice when claiming compensation is essential to ensure you get the amount you deserve as a result of your injury. The team at Accinet are experts in personal injury law and they will make sure you get the most amount of compensation possible to support your recovery and future needs.

A similar injury in two different people may result in different amounts of compensation depending on the needs of the claimant. It is the job of experienced personal injury lawyers to explain exactly how the injury you have sustained has affected your life and have that reflected in your compensation settlement figure.

The following factors can affect how much you receive in compensation and looks at why similar injuries may result in different amounts.

Compensation for the Injury

Personal injury cases currently have no fixed tariffs in place, (excepting criminal injury cases) the amount of compensation is therefore tailored uniquely to the individual. The award will reflect the claimant’s personal circumstances and how the injury has affected each aspect of their life and lifestyle. This can take into account aspects of work, family life and even hobbies. It can also take into consideration the impact it has on life at that time, so if an injury was sustained just before a persons wedding they may get more, or a young person who is left with a scar may get more compensation than an older person left with a similar scar.

Loss of Earnings

Another way in which compensation can vary based on personal circumstances is through loss of earnings. If you have to take time off because of the injury you have sustained, then you could recover the money you would have earned if you had not had the injury. So a person with higher earnings would be awarded more than a person with lower earnings, even if the injury was similar in nature and effect.

Support and Assistance

Personal injury compensation can include sums for support provided by friends and relatives of the claimant to care for them while they are injured. It can also include payments that had been paid to carry out tasks or work that normally the claimant would do for themselves but were unable to do so because of their injury. This can include personal care along with things like gardeners and cleaners. So, this means if you live with someone who has provided care for you, or you hire a cleaner when you normally wouldn’t you would receive more than someone who lived alone and did not hire a cleaner.

Future Losses

Some injuries have a huge impact on a life, and when this is the case future losses can be taken into account when deciding how much compensation is to be awarded. This part of the compensation looks at how the injury you have sustained will affect your future life and compensate you for any foreseeable losses you may incur. Often this is if you are unable to work or do the job you are currently doing. For example, if you lose a finger, this may not impact too much on a builder, but it would make a massive difference to a pianist and their future employment so this is why there may be differences in the compensation awarded for similar injuries.

The best way to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of compensation for your injury is to work with an experienced team of personal injury solicitors, like the team at Accinet, and they will ensure they represent your case effectively to ensure all the aspects of your life and any losses are taken into account when the compensation is awarded.