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Client Stories

We work hard to ensure that if you have a claim we will work towards getting you the compensation you deserve. We form personal relationships with our clients as we believe the more we know about you and how your accident or injury has affected your life the better we can represent you and your claim for compensation. Sometimes it can take a long time but we are here to make sure you get the best outcome possible in your circumstances.

As No Win No Fee Solicitors we will fight hard for you and we are good at what we do.

Take a look below at some of our past clients and contact us if you think you have a claim;


Ankle Injury at Work – Alan

We were contacted by Alan who was a contractor who been in an accident at work where he had slipped and seriously injured his ankle in a tunnel. The severity of his ankle injury meant that he could not work and any future prospects of work were diminished.

As experienced personal injury solicitors we worked for Alan to determine who was at fault between the site owner and site contractor as there were issues over who was responsible for the workplace accident. We also provided a number of medical and scan reports ensuring the severity of his injury was understood and negotiated a substantial settlement for Alan.

Trip & Fall on a pathway - James

Tripping and falling can lead to severe injuries and have a large impact on the injured person’s life – and this is what happened with James. After a trip on a pathway James contacted us, but only after the defect in the path was repaired. We looked into James case and were still able to gather all the necessary evidence to support his claim including medical notes and a medical report. A small initial offer was made but upon our advice it was rejected and a full settlement offer was obtained.

Injured on a Train – Ava

Sometimes you can be injured in the least expected places, and our client Ava experienced this after receiving a minor injury when a train door slammed. We were able to secure an offer of compensation for her injury and increase this after detailed instructions were taken and settling without a formal report. We worked hard for the best outcome for our client and Ava was very satisfied with our services and the compensation she received.

3 Clients where we were able to achieve increased offers.

Ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they deserve is always our aim, when our clients receive an offer we have the experience and expertise to advise on whether or not to take the offer – these are three clients for whom we increased their initial offer:

  • Alison was injured in her workplace when she slipped and fell on an uneven surface. Upon our advice the initial offer of compensation was rejected and we obtained medical reports and eventually settled at three times the initial offer.
  • Peter suffered a crushed finger from an accident at work, within six months and no medical we were able to secure an increase of 80% on the initial offer of compensation.
  • Often our client’s personal injury claims are settled quickly, sometimes they take a little longer and we support our clients through it all. Joe was seeking compensation in a criminal injuries claim and after we represented him at his hearing he was awarded a significant increase on the initial amount he had been awarded.
Serious Facial Injury at work - Thomas

Thomas had a serious accident at his workplace, resulting in facial lacerations which needed much medical treatment, resulted in scarring on the face and also created psychological damage. With this being a workplace accident we worked hard on Thomas’ behalf to work through arguments surrounding liability, appropriate equipment and training, and we also commissioned a report from the plastic surgeons who treated Thomas resulting in his claim being settled at double the amount of the first offer and an interim payment was also obtained during his treatment.

Ankle Injury Client – Mary

We were contacted by Mary who suffered a nasty ankle injury after tripping on a public footpath. She considered the footpath was unsafe and caused her to fall. Her medical evidence was straightforward but the council denied liability despite accepting the footpath was dangerous. They supplied records of inspections as their defence that they had systems in place that were reasonable and complied with the law.

We listened to May and spent a lot of time working on her records. We were able to point to the gaps in the system. This resulted in the council conceding some, but not all liability as they said she should have looked where she was going. As Mary’s team of specialist solicitors we were able to point out to the council that it was dark and eventually they conceded in full and Mary’s case settled for over £14000.

Mary’s case took over two years to bring to a conclusion but she was very content with the outcome and was kept up to date throughout.

Shoulder Injury Client - Steven

Our client Steven contacted us after an accident at work, a lorry tailgate had fallen on him in the workplace and he was injured. While there was no dispute about the liability in Stevens’s case, he did have a history of shoulder problems and so there was dispute over whether the accident at work actually caused all his symptoms.

Steven did get an early settlement offer of £2000.00 which upon our advice he rejected despite his initial feeling to take the first offer of compensation. As we are specialists in personal injury law we studied the medical notes from his GP in detail and presented Stevens case and within twelve months the case settled for £17500.00.

Wrist Injury Client - Danielle

Danielle suffered a wrist injury after tripping over stacked carpets in a carpet shop. As she was hurt Danielle went straight to the hospital to have her injury treated and did not report the accident to the store at the time that it happened.

When the injury was reported to the store it was over a month later which meant that the CCTV in the store had been deleted and initially the store denied any liability. As experienced No Win No Fee Solicitors we were able to advise Danielle and witnesses were found and statements were taken, this in combination with her Medical Records meant that the store conceded liability and her case settled for £11000.00 within 18 months.

Knee Injury Client – Mike

Mike was cycling on a footpath when he fell off his bike after riding over a pothole. Mike contacted us as he sustained an injury to his knee and needed an experienced team of personal injury solicitors to fight his case and we were happy to do so.

Mike’s case was complex as the footpath was maintained by the local council, who in turn blamed contractors who then in turn blamed their subcontractors who said it was not them! This then involved much research and applications to the court for documentation to demonstrate who was responsible for the site and so for Mike’s knee injury. Once this had been determined and liability had been accepted for the pothole Mike’s medical history and symptoms were examined in detail and disputed. After over 2 years Mikes claim was settled and compensation paid.

As experienced personal injury solicitors we work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve no matter how difficult the claim initially seems. Mike was kept full informed throughout the process and was very satisfied with the outcome of his claim.

Head Injury Client – Emma

Emma’s case was quite a simple one when it came to liability, Emma was hit on the head by a machine part and sustained a minor injury. Liability was accepted however offers of compensation came from a truculent insurer and five offers of compensation were rejected upon our advice before the case settled for £3500.00.

As professional personal injury solicitors we have a wealth of experience in minor injury claims and so we were able to advise Emma not to take the first few offers of compensation as they did not reflect the injury she had sustained.

Ankle Injury Client - Sarah

Sarah started her personal injury claim herself: she had slipped in a superstore and had injured her ankle. After six months of trying to claim for compensation she was met with documentary evidence that as all maintenance checks were carried out there was no liability to the store. Sarah came to us and we were able to make representations against this documentation using our experience as specialist personal injury solicitors, our representations were also met with denials.

As we were confident that Sarah deserved compensation for her injury we then went on to request medical evidence and issued proceedings against the superstore and eventually after two years the claim was settled for £15000.00.

Stair Accident at Work – Hannah

Hannah was injured at work after a fall on the stairs and contacted us two and a half years after the accident as she was still working at the same place and didn’t want to upset anyone at work. This is a common cause of leaving the claim quite late (as the time limitation on this type of claim is 3 years) but we were able to put Hannah’s mind at ease and start the claim on her behalf. Despite the claim starting late we worked quickly to claim compensation for the injuries sustained. Proceedings had to be issued and served before an offer was received and after negotiations a settlement including an increase of 75% of the original offer was secured.

Slip & Fall at Work – Julia

Another claim for compensation where we were able to move quickly as Julia came to us two years after the accident happened. Because the accident had happened at the place she still worked in, Julia needed our reassurance and legal expertise to act on her behalf. The initial defence of the employer was that it had been 25% Julia’s own fault that she had the accident, we rejected this, obtained a medical report and proceedings were issued and served before an offer was issued. The first offer was rejected, the second accepted on instructions from Julia as it was a reasonable offer.

Slippage on Wet Floor – Jean

Jean was living in social housing when she slipped and fell on a wet floor and injured herself. As she was elderly and hard of hearing it was suggested that she was not watching where she was going, despite these issues raised we were able to negotiate a substantial settlement for Jean and she was very pleased with our services.

Department Store Fall – Jessica

Jessica fell on a wet floor in a major department store and injured her arm and shoulder. The store denied liability and produced CCTV evidence that their cleaning systems were efficient and effective. As experienced personal injury solicitors we were able to review the CCTV and argue that they had not followed their own procedures which resulted in Jessica being injured. This resulted in a very low offer which was rejected and after we obtained detailed medical reports and scans we secured a substantial compensation settlement.

Clinical Negligence – Susan

Susan was injured but despite being seen by medical professionals her fracture was not diagnosed for over a week. The lawyers at the health trust were uncooperative and a court application was needed before any notes were released. We worked hard to ensure that Susan’s case was understood and the impact on her was reflected in the compensation settlement we reached. Susan was very happy with the way we dealt with her case and the compensation she received.

Client Testimonials

Mrs R, Durham

I would like to thank you for all your help and first class service. I just can’t fault the way you have handled the case for me, I had one accident but at least I chose the best solicitor to handle my case for me.

Mrs J, Bishop Auckland

I would like to thank you all very much for everything that you have done.

Ms H, Tyne and Wear

To the team. Thanks for the patience and efforts.

Mr O, Whitby

With many thanks to yourselves. I will recommend friends and family.

Ms A, Newcastle

Thank you for all your help with my successful claim.

Mr S, Middlesbrough

I was very happy with Accinet. It was excellent.

Ms D, Cardiff

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for acting for me … I was very impressed with the web based service.

Dr A, Birmingham

I am writing to say thank you. There are not enough words of thanks I can write down to explore my feelings … you supported my son and all my family … we do understand and appreciate this.

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