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Personal Injury Claims

When you suffer physical or psychological harm due to an accident or act of negligence that wasn’t your fault, you are within your rights to hire a professional company who deals with personal injury claims to help you receive financial compensation.

We believe that if you are suffering through no fault of your own then our record of resolving personal injury cases and dealing with injuries claims should be put to your best advantage. It’s also worth remembering that injuries claims could prevent the same thing happening to someone else. Consider the safety improvements that may be made in a workplace as a result of your claim.

We provide a no win no fee service to you with the aim to successfully conclude your personal injury claim so that you receive your full compensation without deductions that you are entitled to.

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Handy hints

You must show that the defendant is at fault. We will consider the facts and evidence you provide and then advise if we can assist.

We find that common sense is a useful first step. If someone drives into the back of your car, usually they are at fault. Similarly if you pass a construction site and you are hit by a hammer from the site, we would expect the site contractors are to blame.

Every type of personal injury claim has different criteria:

We will consider the type of accident and also:

where it has occurred jurisdiction
if your claim is within the time limits or limitation period
how much you can claim and if it is a small claim.


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