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Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence is also called “clinical negligence” and this is where injuries arise where there is incorrect medical treatments, diagnosis or medical procedures. For these cases you need to prove that the healthcare professional was at fault as they did not carry out their duties, and that it was that fault that caused your injury.

This is different from personal injury claims where accidents occur in medical buildings, for example, slipping and falling on a hospital floor when you are a visitor and sustaining an injury. If you were working in a hospital and sustained an injury then this would possibly also be a personal injury in the workplace claim rather than medical negligence.

It is very important to get legal advice as soon as possible after the medical negligence took place as there are time constraints around this type of claim. Getting specialist legal advice as soon as possible is also important as then you can be advised on what records and evidence are required to take your case forward, and as some of this will be your own memory, creating a written record as soon as possible is most helpful to your case.

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