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Injured by an Animal

If you have been injured by an animal you may be able to make a claim for compensation. We are a team of specialist personal injury solicitors who will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Claiming compensation for injuries you received from an animal are very complex cases and in the main The Animals Act and Dangerous Dogs Act are the foundation for many such claims.

The Dangerous Dogs Act

To show liability under the Dangerous Dogs Act you must be attacked by a particular breed of dog. If it is the case that the dog or other animal was deliberately set upon you by a person, then you could apply for compensation under the criminal injuries scheme.

Other claims may be dealt with under the Animals Act such as a horse stampeding across the road and colliding with a car or being bitten by the owner’s dog as you enter their garden. Each case is fact sensitive so call us today on 0800 1951001 to talk to us about your injury and to get advice on whether we can take your case.

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Collecting Evidence

Previous legal decisions have indicated that where you have evidence of an animal acting in a manner that is characteristic of such animals, and this caused injury, you might be entitled to compensation.

The evidence you have, will be very important to establish the circumstances and prove liability. As mentioned these cases can be complex and common problems associated with this type of case include identifying the owner, establishing the owner has suitable insurance cover and proving the incident occurred by obtaining witness evidence.

No Win No Fee

Although these cases can be difficult if you want advice on whether you can make a no win no fee claim for compensation after being injured by a dog or other animal then call our team of specialist solicitors on 0800 1951001 to find out more.

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