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Claiming for Travel Accidents

Most of us look forward for many months to our holidays and if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident or be injured on holiday it can seem like it is the worst time for it to happen.

Unfortunately, accidents and illness can, and often do, happen anywhere and often when you least expect them and least want them. Travel accidents are possibly more common on activity or adventure holidays where you encounter more intrepid pastimes but this is not always the case.

Having an accident in a hotel while you are on a package holiday is probably not something you would expect or want but it can be just as serious.

UK holidaymakers abroad are covered by the Package Tour Regulations. This entitles you to pursue the travel company if you purchased a package holiday (including flight and accommodation) in the UK.

As Personal Injury Lawyers we specialise in holiday injury claims that occur as a result of negligence, normally within the context of a package holiday if you have had an accident on holiday and think you have a claim contact us on 0800 1951001 to find out if you can make a no win no fee claim.

Holiday Claims

As with most other types of accidents and injuries each incident is unique. However there are some types of holiday accidents that are more common than others for example:

  • Water sports accidents
  • Mountain accidents including skiing injury
  • Hotel grounds accidents including trips and slips
  • Food poisoning from poorly prepared unhygienic food or contaminated water
  • Injuries acquired on board boats, cruise ships or aircraft

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Holiday Evidence

If you have had an injury while on holiday then getting as much evidence as you can while you are there is the best way to support any future compensation claim. Travel accident claims can fall foul of complications due to the language barrier, foreign legal systems and the lack of evidence. To ensure your claim has the best chance of succeeding here is a list of evidence you should try to collect:

  • Ensure you report your accident to your tour representative, hotel (for a hotel accident) and travel company so they have a record of the event.
  • Ensure you seek medical advice about your injury, illness or accident for treatment and so they have an official record of the incident and its implications to you.
  • A record of as many witness contact details as possible (if applicable)
  • Photographs of the accident site (we appreciate this may be difficult for a skiing injury)
  • Keep any receipts or proof of additional expenses that you have incurred as a direct result of your injury or illness.

How much can I claim?

As with personal injury claims in the UK, the amount of compensation you are entitled to varies with severity of injury, type of injury and loss of earnings. As personal injury solicitors we will take your case on a no win no fee claim. Call us on 0800 1951001 today to start your claim.

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