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If a loved one has been injured in a care home it can be devastating, not only because of the injuries sustained but also because of the trust given to the care home to take care of a family member in the first place.

Injuries in a Care Home

It is often a very difficult decision to place a family member or loved one into a care home. If you have chosen the care home yourself, you expect that the appropriate standard of care would be given to your family member at all times as agreed upon when they were placed in the home. If something goes wrong and your loved one is injured it can be a very emotional time as you not only have to take appropriate action to discover what happened and then monitor the treatment of the injury, but you can also feel very let down by the care home itself.

Negligence in a Care Home

Often it is not one major injury or accident that happens sometimes you may just know that something is wrong, and you are worried the staff are not caring for your loved one appropriately. Some signs that you may notice are:

  • A change in character or behaviour
  • A change in health, such as weight loss or dehydration
  • Noticing injuries such as small cuts or bruises
  • Missed medication or a change in medication times
  • Response times to calls for help with pull cords
  • Exit and entrance points in the home being secure?

Accidents in a care home are serious as the residents are vulnerable. Care home accidents can often be caused by the appropriate equipment not being provided or that equipment is not in good working order. It can also be because there are not enough staff for the task or the staff have not been trained correctly.

As with all personal injury claims it is not always easy to prove your case but if you or your loved one has been injured in a Care Home due to an accident that was not their fault or by negligence then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If you want to know if you may have a case, then contact the experienced personal injury solicitors at Accinet to discuss your experience.

You may be eligible to make a compensation claim if you have suffered an injury as a result of problems in providing any of the following:

  • Regular bathing, and washing
  • Provide enough food and water to prevent malnutrition
  • Use the correct lifting aids in the correct way
  • Give correct medication when required
  • Using appropriate mobility aids
  • Preventing administration errors
  • Physical abuse
  • Errors in staff conduct
  • Withholding of essential care
  • Not enough or poor staff supervision

Providing care for elderly, or vulnerable people should be done properly with enough staff, properly trained staff, and well cared for equipment, while many care homes do this very well, some do not. If you want to discuss an injury to a loved on in a care home, then contact the Accinet team today for a confidential conversation.