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There are many types of accident, which can result in a wide variety of injuries. Some of these are relatively minor, resulting in little more than a degree of pain and suffering but having a limited impact on the victim’s enjoyment of life. Others, unfortunately, can have far more severe consequences, causing long term, if not lifelong, implications for the victim.

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In this article, we look at one specific, potential consequence of a personal injury – the affect that it may have on your career.

The simple answer to the question posed by the title of this article is that your career certainly can be affected by a personal injury. What is important to define, as we set out below, is the degree to which your career might be affected.

  1. Total Loss of Ability to Work

Personal injuries of the greatest severity may result in the victim losing all capacity to work, not only in their pre-accident occupation but in any form of employment. Obviously, this type of injury will command a substantial component of loss of earnings in any compensation that is payable by the person who was to blame for the accident or incident that caused the injuries.

  1. Loss of Ability to Carry Our Pre-Accident Employment

In certain cases, dependent on the particular circumstances, personal injuries can mean that an accident victim is unable to return to an occupation that was previously held. They may, however, be able to re-train for other employment that their injuries do not prevent them from engaging in. Accident victims have an obligation to mitigate their losses and if some form of employment is available to reduce their loss of earnings they will be expected to take up the opportunity.

  1. Reduction in Career Prospects

Even if you are able to return to your pre-accident occupation at some stage after suffering a personal injury, the ongoing consequences of the injury may mean that your prospects of advancement have been adversely affected. This is bound to have some degree of detrimental effect on your finances and is something that you will be entitled to be compensated for.

  1. The Need for Ongoing Treatment

Although there may be no permanent impact on your career as a result of the personal injury, it may still have ongoing implications after your return to work if you require ongoing treatment such as physiotherapy or psychological support. Even if you have an employer who is sympathetic to your need to take time off work it can still be embarrassing to have to regularly leave your place of work.

  1. Loss of Earnings

Regardless of the severity of your personal injury, if you have to take time out from your career you are likely to sustain a loss of earnings. Whilst you may be compensated for that loss in due course, the immediate effect is likely to place pressure on the household finances.

As we have seen, personal injuries can certainly have an effect on your career. The extent to which your career is affected will depend on your personal employment circumstances and, inevitably, the severity of the injuries that you sustained. That is why getting the right legal advice about your personal injury claim is so important and the team at Accinet can help you with that.