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Catering Injuries and Claiming Compensation

Working in the catering industry can be a hazardous occupation. The pace of the work can be frenetic yet it demands high levels of concentration and clearly defined systems of working if the risk of accidents is to be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, for a variety of...

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Injury Claims and Signage

Personal injury compensation claims often arise in connection with the signage at the location of the accident. Such claims take a variety of forms and can be made in a range of different circumstances. We set out below some of the more obvious types of signage injury...

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Summer Safety Tips for Cyclists

When the summer sun is shining there are few more satisfying hobbies than cycling. However, the summer months involve more reported cycling incidents than any other time of the year. This has much to do with the increased number of both cyclists and motorists but may...

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An Overview of Personal Injury Legal Terms and Jargon

Although the process of bringing a personal injury claim has been simplified, it still involves a considerable amount of legal jargon. Here are some of the terms that are most commonly used, with a brief explanation of their meaning.Although the process of bringing a...

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An Overview of Ladder Accident Claims

If you have a job that involves working from a height, there is a realistic possibility that it will entail working on a ladder. Falls from a height account for a significant number of accidents in the workplace and can result in very serious injuries and even...

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Common Care Needs After Your Very Serious Injury

Injuries of the utmost severity not only cause considerable pain and suffering and loss of earnings, they also result in varying degrees of loss of amenity, resulting in the need for assistance with your everyday life. Accidents causing injuries to the brain, spinal...

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How Lifting at Work Can Cause Injuries

If you are working in an occupation that requires frequent lifting you are likely to feel aches and pains that are part and parcel of the job. However, more serious injuries can be caused by lifting loads that are excessive or by using incorrect lifting techniques. In...

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An Overview of Accidents Involving HGVs

Our highways are used by a considerable number of Heavy Goods Vehicles and it is hardly surprising that they are involved in accidents. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, accidents in which one or more is involved can cause substantial damage to other...

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