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Wet Floors and Accidents

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), almost 35% of serious injuries in industries such as food and drink are caused by trips and slips. It means over a thousand people a year are slipping and falling, particularly on wet or greasy surfaces in these...

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Common Accidents in the Autumn

With the leaves starting to turn and the colder weather starting to close in many people look forward to this time of year, however according to some evidence, you should also be watching where you step. The move to darker, wetter conditions can often be a precursor...

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Can you claim compensation if you have been assaulted?

Most of us are aware that if we suffer personal injuries as a result of the negligence of someone else, we may have the right to claim compensation against them. What is the position, though, where we suffer injuries as a result of a deliberate act, in the form of a...

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What are ‘Life Changing Injuries’?

Life changing industries, which might also be described as “catastrophic” injuries, are generally defined as injuries that are so serious that they result in some form of permanent disability, long-term health problems and/or a reduction in the victim’s life...

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What is the definition of a faulty product?

When we make a purchase we are entitled to certain legal protections. We can expect to receive a product that has been properly tested and which is of reasonable quality and fit for the purpose for which we are buying it. In a legal context, a “faulty product” is...

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Catering Injuries and Claiming Compensation

Working in the catering industry can be a hazardous occupation. The pace of the work can be frenetic yet it demands high levels of concentration and clearly defined systems of working if the risk of accidents is to be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, for a variety of...

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Injury Claims and Signage

Personal injury compensation claims often arise in connection with the signage at the location of the accident. Such claims take a variety of forms and can be made in a range of different circumstances. We set out below some of the more obvious types of signage injury...

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