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How Our Solicitors Can Support You After an Amputation

If you have suffered an amputation because of a road accident, through medical negligence or following an accident at work, the last thing on your mind is probably going to be getting compensation. If the accident wasn’t your fault and someone else was to blame,...

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Head Injuries are Serious – Symptoms to Look Out For

Our heads are probably the most vulnerable part of our body. Each year over a million people present to accident and emergency departments across the UK with some kind of head injury. Many of these injuries are a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault....

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Darker Nights Cycling Tips

People take up cycling for a variety of reasons. Some use it as a way to get to work, others as a form of exercise. Cycling on British roads, however, is not without its hazards, particularly during the winter months when the roads are wet and slippery, visibility is...

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Are There Different Types of Compensation?

Being the victim of an accident and suffering from an injury can have a huge impact on your life, and the lives of those around you. A personal injury solicitor can make all the difference if you want to get compensation for your injury. The team at Accinet have years...

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Common Neck Injuries & How to Claim Compensation

One of the most common and painful injuries you can suffer from following an accident is through damage to the neck. This vital area supports your head and is a vulnerable spot. Any sudden, violent movement is likely to cause damage. That’s why you see injuries such...

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How to Make a Personal Injury Claim Against the Council

No one really wants to have an accident. If you’ve stumbled over a loose paving stone, tripped in a pothole and suffered an injury, you may be able to claim compensation from the local council. Your council has an obligation to ensure that areas like paving and roads...

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The Benefits of Using a Personal Injury Solicitor

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault but someone else is to blame, you may be able to claim for compensation. Should the injury be serious, this could help you with the finances needed for rehabilitation, compensate you for time off work...

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