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Food delivery drivers don’t just run around in cars and vans. Many, especially in busy cities and towns, use bikes to carry around those pizzas and Chinese takeaways.

There’s a reason for that. It’s often much easier to get in and out of traffic faster on a bike than it is with a car, where you can so be stuck in a traffic jam. Ask anyone who delivers food in London.

Being a cyclist in a city where there is heavy traffic is not easy. At night, the risks are  certainly heightened and it pays to do everything you can to stay safe.

Here are just a few tips to make sure you reduce the risk of having an accident while riding your bicycle.

  1. Always Wear a Helmet

It’s fine to look cool with your hair trailing in the wind as you peddle madly to your next customer. The truth is that a helmet is there to protect the most sensitive part of your body – your brain, and if you are working in bicycle deliveries you should wear one.

If you get knocked off your bike, the chances of hitting your head will be pretty high. You have no control and you are unlikely to be able to stop your head hitting the pavement. So, our first tip is always, always wear a helmet.

  1. Wear Reflective Clothing

It’s not just preparing yourself in case you have a crash or collision that helps keep you safe n a busy road. The majority of accidents involving vehicles, particularly on city roads, occur because the driver doesn’t see what’s going on.

Whether it’s in low light conditions or at night, you have to make yourself as visible as possible. That means fixing lights on your bike and wearing plenty of reflective clothing. Avoid dark clothes and take a look at yourself from the perspective of a car or truck driver who is following behind you or turning a corner.

  1. Use a Smartphone Carrier

It’s amazing the number of people on bikes you see checking their phones while they are cycling along. This is highly dangerous. It means you’re not concentrating on the road and possesses as much a problem as someone in a car checking their smartphone.

Yes, you’re a food delivery driver and you may well have your boss calling yourself while on the road. We suggest you invest in a smartphone carrier and a Bluetooth earpiece so that you can continue to concentrate.

What to Do If You Have an Accident

If you are hit by another vehicle or have an accident that wasn’t your fault, the first thing you need to do is ensure your own safety. If you have suffered an injury, perhaps one that keeps you off work for a significant amount of time, however, you may be able to claim compensation.

It’s important to log as much evidence and details as you can at the time of the accident or shortly after. This may or may not be easy to do depending on the severity of the injury or the circumstances. One solution is to make sure you use a camera while cycling around, one that automatically films what is going on around you. Many cyclists have these nowadays.

The next thing you need to do is get some legal advice. The good news is that solicitors offer a no win no fee service when it comes to personal injury. That means you don’t need to find the finances to hire a legal team – they’ll take on your case if they think you have a good chance of winning and they won’t take any fees unless everything is settled in your favour with a compensation pay out.

If you think you have case to claim for personal injury after a bicycle delivery accident, contact our expert team today to find out how we can help.