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Being the victim of an accident and suffering from an injury can have a huge impact on your life, and the lives of those around you. A personal injury solicitor can make all the difference if you want to get compensation for your injury. The team at Accinet have years of experience fighting and winning cases just like yours. Personal injury cases can be complex and compensation ca come in different forms.

Types of Compensation

If you win a personal injury case it is likely that you will be awarded one or both of two different types of compensation.

  • You may be compensated for the pain and suffering the injury has caused.
  • You could also be compensated for the amount of money it cost you.

The first will consider the exact nature of the injury and may well include physical and mental issues. The second can include both past and future loss of revenue because of your injury.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

You may have an injury that has caused you pain or discomfort for a while, but you have now largely recovered. On the other hand, the accident could have left you with long-standing or permanent injuries that affect your whole life.

Your solicitor will engage the services of a medical expert to help explain the extent of your injuries, but the court may also rely upon evidence from friends and family. While some injuries are readily observable such as being in a wheelchair or not being able to walk without assistance, others can be less visible. Bad accidents can leave psychological damage such as PTSD that the injured person has to cope with in the long-term.

It’s the impact on your life that is important and something the court has to assess before they award compensation. Gathering as much evidence as possible helps to build your case.

Compensation for Expenses and Losses

In some ways, financial compensation is a lot easier to quantify than the physical effect of an injury. If you have had to spend time off work, for example, you may be compensated for the wages lost, even for a fairly moderate injury like whiplash.

You may find that the injuries are so severe you are no longer able to do the job you used to do and will need to be compensated for loss of earnings in the future.

Expenses might also include work to help you rehabilitate and any equipment that you need to have installed to make living easier. You may require specialist care following the accident and you may even have had your life expectancy decreased because of the accident. Claims can be calculated using various actuarial tables which decide how much a particular injury is likely to cost in the long run.

If the injury has been fatal, the court will still decide on losses and expenses and these will be paid to the deceased’s estate.

What Are Provisional Damages?

In the large majority of cases, an amount of compensation is awarded as a full and final payment. In more complex claims, the actual size and extent of the award can be difficult to pin down. That usually means a provisional award of damages can be made with a view to increasing this if circumstances change. There are usually two clear cut occasions when this can happen:

If you have an injury and there is the possibility your condition will deteriorate.

If the claimant is likely to develop another condition as a result of the initial negligence by the defendant (this often happens in industrial claims like asbestosis where a first diagnoses can be followed by later complications).

It is important to gather all the evidence together when you make a personal injury claim and working with a solicitor is the best way to do this. They will be able to make sure that the court fully understands the extent of your injuries and what they have cost you.

For a discussion about your experience and how we can help you make a no win no fee claim for compensation contact the team at Accinet today.