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There’s no doubt that the removal of a limb or severe injury can have life-changing consequences. Individuals more often than not have to make numerous adjustments to their daily lives as well as overcome their initial trauma.

A person might, for example, be unable to do the job they enjoyed previously. They may even have to take a substantial pay cut. There could also be a long period of recovery and rehabilitation involved. People who have had a limb amputated can also suffer from psychological trauma, depression and anxiety because of their injury.

As a personal injury solicitor, we see people from all walks of life. Some have injured a limb and need major surgery because of a car accident. Certain professions are more dangerous than others, such as working on a construction site or from height, and a limb injury is statistically more likely.

We see limb injuries because of medical negligence. People can also break bones and have serious injuries simply from falling or slipping.

Why Claim Compensation for Limb Injuries and Amputations

Any kind of personal injury is likely to have major and long-lasting consequences for the individual involved. If you’ve lost a limb, you will certainly have to make adjustments to your life – perhaps learn to use a prosthetic or walk with the aid of a frame. These adjustments might need to be made in your home or, if you drive, to your car.

One of the big consequences of losing a limb, particularly if you previously worked in a manual trade, is that you may not be able to do your job anymore. You may have to retrain and there’s a possibility you won’t have the same earning power as before. This can have an impact on paying the bills, your mortgage and living the life that you worked so hard for before the injury.

If you suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault and someone else was negligent, you could be in a position to claim compensation. If that claim is successful, you may be awarded a settlement that will allow you to live life as fully as possible.

How Do I Claim?

The good news is that most personal injury solicitors, like Accinet, offer a free initial consultation. That means you can sit down with a qualified lawyer and find out if you have a case or not.

If making a claim is the right way forward for you, the case can be pursued using what’s called a no-win-no-fee agreement. What this means is the solicitor will take on your claim for no upfront charge. If the claim is successful, they then take the fees out of your compensation award. If the claim isn’t successful for some reason, you pay nothing.

Limb injury and amputation compensation claims can be quite complex. Each individual is different and the impact on their life varies. The compensation can be awarded for a variety of reasons – to help you make adjustments in your home, make up for lost earnings or to access rehabilitation that may have been beyond your finances. Compensation can also be given because of the psychological trauma you have suffered.

If you have been in an accident and suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, contact our team of expert personal injury solicitors to see how we can help.