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Accidents can happen at any time of the year. However, winter brings additional hazards, especially when the weather is extremely cold and some winter accidents can have very severe consequences. Frost, snow, freezing fog and ice all increase the risk of an accident. In this article we look at three of the more typical winter accidents and give some tips about how they may be avoided.

Motor Accidents

Motor accidents figure highly in the list of typical winter accidents. The fact that it is winter does not mean that we can stop going about our normal business. We still have to carry on with our work, which often involves driving – either to and from the workplace or as part of the job itself. If we do not take precautions against the added risks of driving in the winter, the risk of an accident is significantly raised. Winter weather of the type described above therefore requires the taking of additional precautions if an accident is to be prevented.

Tips to avoid motor accidents

The key to avoiding a motor accident in winter is to reduce your driving speed. Although you may not be able to avoid a skid it is much easier to control it at a slower speed. It also makes it easier to brake safely and to avoid obstructions in the road. If it is foggy, you should put your fog lights on and it is wise to keep your headlights on when it is snowing. Placing snow chains around your tyres or changing to winter tyres can also reduce the risk of a skid.


Another type of accident which is likely to occur during the winter months is a slip on snow or ice that has accumulated on the pavement. Such accidents can cause a multitude of different injuries, some of which can involve head injuries and broken bones. The elderly are especially susceptible to this type of accident.

Tips to avoid slipping accidents

The best way to avoid slipping accidents is to stay indoors where there is snow and ice around if this is at all possible. If you must go out, you should ensure that you move carefully and slowly and if it is possible to be accompanied by someone who can keep you steady on your feet it might be helpful. Finally, you should choose sturdy footwear with a good grip.

Shovelling Snow

When shovelling snow the biggest risk is that you will sustain a back injury. Working for what can be lengthy periods in the cold, on a task that involves repetitive twisting and lifting is bound to raise the risk of muscle strains.

Tips to avoid snow shovelling accidents

You should never try to lift a weight that is beyond your physical capabilities. Taking breaks to warm up and having a warm drink will allow you to rest. You should try to keep the twisting movements to a minimum, as the straighter you are able to keep your back whilst shovelling snow the less chance there is that you will sustain an injury.

The elements can be powerful and if you want to avoid being the victim of a winter accident the proper precautions need to be taken. Hopefully, the tips set out above will help you to achieve this.