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If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, the likelihood is that you will suffer some form of physical injury. In many cases, your injuries will be relatively minor and will involve only moderate pain and suffering and little in terms of long lasting or permanent disability. However, certain accidents can result in more serious, sometimes catastrophic, injuries that carry lifetime consequences and a very significant impact on the quality of life of the victim. Below we look at some of the different types of serious injury that can be sustained and look at the implications that each may carry for the life of the sufferer.


Accidents that cause or result in the loss of a limb obviously have lifelong consequences. The extent of the impact on the life of the victim will depend on the limb that was lost. Whilst the amputation of a finger is a serious matter, it will not have the significance of the loss of one or more arms or legs. The loss of a major limb such as those can impact directly on issues such as mobility, ability to work and ability to carry out everyday functions without physical assistance or the use of some form of mechanical aid.

Assault Injuries

Victims of assaults may suffer a wide range of injuries. Sadly, the more common types of assault injury are scarring or some other form of disfigurement through the use of a knife. This type of injury can have serious consequences for the victim of an assault, including significant psychological harm, resulting from embarrassment with their appearance, and social isolation.

Back Injury

As with many types of injury, the extent of the injuries that can be sustained to the back is very wide ranging. Lifting injuries can result in back ache and some limitation of movement whilst more serious injuries caused by trauma can result in paralysis. In such cases the victim’s life will be seriously affected, resulting in the need for considerable medical and practical support and the likely loss of his or her ability to work.

Birth Injury

The most serious birth injuries are those that result in oxygen deprivation. These injuries can result in the child being born with permanent disabilities that can be life threatening. Even if the child survives, its future care needs are likely to be immense and lifelong, resulting in a significant impact on the lives of the parents and any other caregivers.

Brain Injury

The impact of a brain injury may be moderate, involving, perhaps, issues such as short term memory loss, or severe, ranging from a serious impact on cognitive functioning to fatality.

Criminal Injury

Fortunately, there are not many criminal injuries that are caused by firearms in the UK. Sadly, however, as mentioned above, the use of knives in criminal attacks is all too frequent. Knife attacks can result in serious scarring, the loss of a limb or, in the most serious cases, death.

Fatal Injury

Clearly, a fatal injury has the effect of depriving the victim of their life. It will also have serious implications for the victim’s family both emotionally and, if the victim was the breadwinner, financially.

Head Injury

As the head is the part of the body that provides protection to the brain, any damage to it can have serious consequences. A skull fracture will frequently involve a build-up of pressure inside the skull which, if not relieved, may cause brain damage.

Loss of Sight

Accidents that cause a loss of sight are particularly severe, especially if both eyes are affected. A person suffering from total blindness will have to undergo major life changes, which will almost inevitable include the loss of their pre-accident occupation.

Spinal Injury

We have already considered back injury but the spine extends from the neck downwards and damage to the neck can be extremely severe, sometimes resulting in tetraplegia. Even soft tissue damage to the cervical spine caused by a whiplash injury can have permanent consequences in terms of pain and suffering and loss of mobility.

The injuries set out above by no means represent an exhaustive list of the types of serious injury that can be sustained either in an accident or a deliberate assault. Fortunately, they are also exceptional rather than the norm and most of the victims of such an event escape with far less severe injuries and equally less significant life consequences.