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The types of injury that command the highest awards of compensation are serious personal injuries. Anyone who has been unlucky enough to suffer any type of injury will feel that it is a serious and often painful occurrence. However, those injuries that are defined as “serious” often have fatal, life threatening or life changing consequences which clearly identify them as standing out from the norm, making them truly serious injuries. In this article we look at some types of serious injury and describe the different kinds of compensation that can be claimed.

Firstly, here are some of the kinds of serious injury that personal injury lawyers are frequently called upon to deal with.

  • An injury that results in you having to undergo long term or even permanent, ongoing treatment, either medical or otherwise.
  • An injury that results in you having to spend extended periods in hospital or to attend hospital as an outpatient on a recurring basis over an extended period of time.
  • An injury that results in you having to take a substantial period of time away from work.
  • An injury that results in the loss of a limb.
  • An injury that results in a permanent physical disability.
  • An injury that causes long term or permanent damage to an organ.
  • An injury that causes long term or permanent psychological and/or emotional damage.
  • An injury that involves permanent disfigurement.

Compensation for Serious Personal Injuries

As any experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you, there is no amount of compensation that can ever adequately cover the experience of suffering any injury, let alone a serious one. However, if your injury was caused by someone else, you may be able to claim an amount of compensation that will return you to your pre-accident condition or, at least, get your life as close as possible to where it was before the accident occurred. In addition to the general damages that represent the pain and suffering sustained as a result of the accident, including psychological damage, you are also entitled to claim “special” damages to cover existing and future financial losses

The compensation you may be able to claim to cover your financial losses can include:

  • Any past and future loss of earnings that you have sustained as a consequence of the serious injury, including any devaluation of your pension.
  • The costs of any medical care, physiotherapy or psychological care that has to be provided for you.
  • A sum to compensate you for the care that family and friends need to provide for you.
  • The costs of any adaptations that need to be made to your home and the additional cost of an adapted motor vehicle.
  • Compensation to represent the loss of your ability to participate in a pre-accident interest or hobby.

Serious injuries usually involve significant, long term, permanent consequences for the victim, accompanied by substantial financial losses, which can sometimes run into seven figures. It is important, therefore, if you have sustained injuries of this severity, which you believe were caused through the fault of a third party, to instruct a  personal injury lawyer within three years of the accident for advice on the merits of your claim and the likely value of any compensation.