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Falling down a flight of stairs and sustaining an injury happens is a more common occurrence than one would hope. Depending on the height and the way someone falls, a fall down stairs can be very serious and end in painful long-term injuries.

Falling Down Stairs Injuries

There are staircases in most homes, workplaces, public and private buildings and if these staircases are not kept to safety standards there is an increased risk of falls and so injuries. Injuries sustained from falling down stairs can range from smaller scrapes and bumps to severe long-term injuries.

Here are some common injuries caused by falling down stairs.

Head Injuries – Possibly the most severe injury that can be caused from falling down stairs is a head injury. If you fall and you hit your head on a staircase because of the downward motion of the stairs there may be more than one impact point causing severe injury. Concussion and other head and brain related injuries would also be common. There can be very serious complication if you hit your head when falling down a staircase so seeing a doctor quickly and explaining about your accident is very important.

Wrist Injuries – Sprains of the wrists are common injuries when you fall down the stairs as instinct makes many people put out their hands to brace themselves or stop the fall. This means that a lot of the initial impact will be on the hand that has reached out and so sprains occur. This could also mean that the wrist or arm could break as a result of the impact.

Ankle & Leg injuries – As with wrist injuries above, ankles and legs are often used to try and stop the fall which means extra impact when the fall occurs. Ankles and legs can also be injured if they are twisted or fall heavily resulting in breaks, sprains and bruises.

Dislocation Injuries – Because falling down the stairs can be a more sustained fall than simply falling from a standing position, dislocations can occur if there is an impact on a joint for example a shoulder, hip or knee.

Bruising Injuries – Falling down the stairs will almost always result in some sort of bruising, from mild to the very severe. Bruising is caused by the blood vessels under the skin bursting as a result of an impact, and a fall down stairs can result in multiple impact points and so many bruises. Bruising can be unpredictable and can show straight away or may take some time before the skin shows signs of bruising. If there is internal bruising this can be hard to see but can cause unseen injuries so if you do have a fall getting looked at by a medical professional as soon as possible is the best course of action, so they can treat you.

Personal Injury Solicitor

Falling down stairs can result in many different types of injuries, including serious injuries. If you have sustained injuries by a fall down the stairs and want to know if you are able to claim compensation for your injury, then contact the experienced team at Accinet today.