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The majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by slips, trips and falls and many thousands of people sustain injuries, some of which are serious, every year. Accidents involving slips, trips and falls also occur outside of the workplace. There are, in fact, many different causes of slips, trips and falls and in this article, we set out some of the most prevalent, according to the various settings in which they are the most likely to occur.

Accidents in the workplace

There are many potential causations of a slip, trip or fall in the workplace, which include:

  • Wet or greasy floors

If a floor becomes slippery as a result of a spillage that is not promptly cleaned away it is, quite literally, an accident waiting to happen. In cases where the lack of time or personnel does not permit a prompt cleaning operation, the area of the spillage should be cordoned off and/or clear hazard signs put in position.

  • Uneven flooring

If the condition of a floor deteriorates to the extent that it becomes uneven, it will obviously represent the risk of a tripping accident to anyone walking on it. Once again, rapid repairs and a cordoning off around the offending area should be promptly undertaken.

  • Inadequate lighting

In order to avoid any natural or unnatural obstructions as we are making our way around the workplace, we require adequate lighting to see where we are going. If the workplace is poorly lit it increases the risk of a slip, trip or fall.

  • Poor carpeting/floor coverings

Poorly fitted carpets and/or loose floor tiles give rise to an increased possibility of a trip and are responsible for many workplace accidents, particularly in offices and shops.

  • Loose wires and cables

The presence of cables and wires that are loose and uncovered is a further cause of many workplace tripping accidents. All wiring and cabling should be securely covered to prevent this from happening.

Supermarket and shop accidents

Spillages in supermarkets and shops are amongst the most common causes of slipping accidents outside of the work setting. Once again, spillages need to be dealt with efficiently and the area around any spillage cordoned off until this happens. Tripping accidents also occur where products are left on the floor and allowed to obstruct walkways or where they protrude outside of the shelving area.

Pavement accidents

A substantial number of tripping accidents occur when walking along the pavement. The cause could be an uneven surface, a loose or raised paving slab or a pothole. Depending on the degree of the defect, the local authority’s knowledge of its existence and its policy (if any) for inspecting its pavements, a claim may be possible if injuries occur as a consequence of a pavement trip.

Accidents in Schools

Schools are the location of many slips and trips, which are normally attributable to worn and uneven surfaces in playgrounds and walkways or spillages in corridors and classrooms.


Hospitals are busy places where spillages often occur. In most cases these are attended to promptly. If left, however, the risk of a slipping accident is obvious.

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Although it is easy to minimise the impact of a slip, trip or fall, such an accident can result in quite serious injuries, including broken bones. Anyone suffering such an injury should not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to ascertain whether they have a potential claim for compensation. Such a claim will always need to be made within three years of the accident.