We offer expert assistance with your injury claim and if you wish, you can track your claim online from start to finish.

Accinet® are solicitors and accident claim specialists offering a NO WIN NO FEE service to you.

Personal Injury Claims

When you suffer physical or psychological harm due to an accident or act of negligence that wasn’t your fault, you are within your rights to hire a professional company who deals with personal injury claims to help you receive financial compensation.

We believe that if you are suffering through no fault of your own then our record of resolving personal injury cases and dealing with injuries claims should be put to your best advantage. It’s also worth remembering that injuries claims could prevent the same thing happening to someone else. Consider the safety improvements that may be made in a workplace as a result of your claim.

Collect evidence

It is important that you keep all your evidence. This includes invoices, hire documentation, original photographs, paperwork and correspondence with the defendant etc. This need for evidence may be crucial to prove you have incurred expenses or to demonstrate how the accident occurred.

The Stages of your Claims Process

At Accinet, we follow a personal injury protocol to pursue injuries cases.


  • identify the defendant and insurer

  • prepare the basis of your claim outlining your injuries and losses

  • contact the defendant or insurers who have 21 days to acknowledge and 3 months to investigate and provide a decision on liability (6 months if a holiday claim)

  • if a road traffic accident the insurer has 21 days to provide a decision on liability

If the defendant accepts liability we will then tackle obtaining medical and earnings evidence required to prove your losses. Personal injury cases can be resolved quite quickly if we receive an admission of liability.

What if the other party does not accept liability?

If your claim is disputed then we will discuss their reasons with you and then respond to their denial in order to persuade the insurers to accept responsibility.

Bringing the Claims Process to a satisfactory conclusion

We then negotiate settlement of your claim and advise if the offer is reasonable. In the event that we feel the other party’s denial or offer of settlement is unacceptable then we will advise whether you would like to initiate court proceedings. In this unlikely event we can take the matter to trial for you. Most personal injury claims are resolved straightforwardly with the claimant receiving appropriate financial compensation.